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Returning to the essence of a wellness brand

Thalamag · Laboratoires Iprad


Legend has it, and the history of the food supplement industry proves that Thalamag was the first brand to use non-synthetic marine magnesium in its products. Over the years its positioning was diluted in a sea of fierce competition. When Thalamag told us its story, we felt that such a special product deserved a happy ending. A passionate team with a tremendous amount of enthusiasm imbued us with knowledge so that we could create a storytelling that would bring the original magnesium back from the ashes… or in this case from the depths.



We explored its unique essence and purpose, to bring out all the authenticity of the original story and then rewrite our own version. A celebration of the unique origin from the northern seas: pure, wild and untouched. A magically transparent imaginary, capable of immersing its audience in a sea of naturalness and effectiveness. A structural metaphor that transforms positioning into images: the brand in the depths and the benefits above the surface.


A reinvented logo to convey a sense of resurgence as well as an architecture that clarifies the product’s proposition and brings each range to life: serenity, tranquillity and vitality.  A liquid visual identity that can convey the brand’s story and unique value proposition across all platforms: digital, point of sale, social media, etc. Bringing the wonderful and legendary story of Thalamag magnesium to everyone.

I would summarize our collaboration in 3 points:
A very detailed analysis of the challenge at hand and a recommendation that serves the brand's strategy and enhances its DNA.
A relevant, modern, punchy and elegant feedback that enables the brand to emerge and upgrades the perceived positioning
A constructive collaboration: the art of working together!

Anne Gecs

Family Health Group Leader