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Technology made to live alongside new lifestyles

Qilive · Auchan


Giving shape and voice to a human-centric and accessible technology. We said a resounding and super-motivated ‘yes’ to Auchan’s international team when they asked us to relaunch Qilive, their household appliance brand with a huge focus on sustainability.



The first thing we did was a screening of the top trends in « home-tech » consumption and, along with a range of consumer interviews, we identified the definitive opportunity that would make Qilive a unique brand in its context. How? By staking a claim for a user-friendly and circular-inspired technology to live better and longer. Qilive, “live stronger, live longer”.


We redesigned everything from the logo to the brand assets so that all points where consumers experienced the brand were transformed into a friendly and welcoming experience.

We developed a photographic and audiovisual campaign produced in-house that tell everyday stories with a fun touch and familiar style to fill social media screens and in stores spaces around the world with life and style.

And to ensure success, we co-built an ambitious device with the marketing team for an unprecedented launch in the Auchan group.