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The inspiration for a “beyond food” foodie style

Bon App · Carrefour

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Carrefour’s international marketing team tasked us with the relaunch of its snacking brand: Bon App’. They give us the opportunity to spread positive and sincere values about food, with a strong lifestyle component.



With a lot of research into food trends, several focus groups and store checks, as well as a pinch of creative intuition, we came up with a well-round idea: turning Bon App into a manifesto that transcends the brand itself: “La Bon App’titude”

A powerful play on words that plays for the Brand – Bon App inspires and is literally part of the Bon App’titude lifestyle.


A modern, youthful and light-hearted concept that empowers a positive foodie lifestyle. We claim that seeing the best in every situation can turn even the simplest moments into something extraordinary.

A series of playful recurring tips on how to enjoy life to the fullest – daily grind included. With cheeky puns, the copywriting holds centre-stage, backed up by a modern and unique graphic identity.

An ambitious full e-PR program was also developed to engage lifestyle influencers and their communities with the brand.