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Transforming a time-old product into a wonderous skin healing must-have



We were commissioned to create a brand, a name and a story for a traditional and natural healing cream recipe. Although this product has helped many generations to deeply repair their skin, its marketing and impact have always been limited, essentially reliant on word-of-mouth.



We built a strategy based on the key elements of this cream: its ancestral origin, 100% natural ingredients and almost magical powers. The key lies in the dualities of mysticism and results, magic and natural science, the ancient and its impact on everyday life.  


We pieced together a story about the origin of a cream that, at first, was applied along with a healing mantra. That mantra gave us the name of Kerere, referring to « the caregiver », positioning the product as an ancient secret for nourishing, repairing and protecting damaged skin. Kerere’s magical power comes from the synergy among its ingredients and how its 100% natural components are enhanced.

Its branding came in unison with a natural aesthetic, linked to the Earth, nature and Kerere’s ingredients, with a vintage touch reminiscent of apothecaries and playing with the « ancestral » side of the product. We also developed eco-friendly packaging and graphic elements reinforcing the idea of naturalness and care for the environment.