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Opening Books to Open Up to the World

Les Presses de la Cité


Founded in 1944 by Sven Nielsen, a passionate and eclectic entrepreneur, Presses de la Cité’s mission is to promote all forms of literature to open up a new world toits readers.


  • Brand strategy

  • Visual Identity


Les Presses de la Cité wanted to breathe new life into its brand and write a new page in its story. Following a brainstorming workshop and a series of internal and external interviews (with booksellers, authors and readers), we drafted a brand platform as the basis for their new positioning. The central idea that emerged was that the publishing house’s mission was to invite its readers to come and read at its doora big door, always open to a welcoming home.


We designed a new symbol to represent the publishing house: an open book with a door inscribed in it. This door is that of Les Presses de la Cité, which also represents stepping into a story, into a plot, into an author’s world. The graphic territory, which takes up the symbol of the door and the open book, also invites you to step into the brand.

Les Presses de la Cité is reasserting itself through a strong identity. It creates a bond  with its authors based on shared values, encouraging recognition as a modern and determined player among booksellers.


"Our new identity is a beautiful invitation that we sent out, which was well received by everyone, authors, booksellers and readers alike."

Anne Chamalliard

Communications Director, Presses de la Cité