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Welcoming the Unexpected



“It’s not me who’s upside down, it’s the world that’s out of joint.” We didn’t say that, it was Gilbert whom we met in a L’Arche community.

L’Arche is made up of hundreds of homes spread across France where people live together under the same roof. As of yet, that’s nothing out of the ordinary. And yet, their daily lives are truly quite extraordinary, because they live with people with learning difficulties, like Léo. There are funny moments, sad moments, often quite unexpected, and the emotions are always poignant. There was a very beautiful project waiting for us there…


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  • Web


As pioneers in inclusive living, L’Arche recently underwent significant transformation and emerged ready to start a new chapter. To celebrate their sixtieth anniversary, they enlisted The Imageniers to revamp their brand and communication strategy. This posed a considerable challenge as L’Arche sought to refresh their image and attract a younger audience to engage with their unique model of shared living. The association aimed to breathe new life into their brand, reflecting their dynamic spirit and enduring commitment to inclusion.


We embarked on an extraordinary immersion process, leading to the brand idea “L’Arche in persons,” emphasizing the people who make L’Arche meaningful. Inspired by this, a creative workshop with people with learning difficulties produced unique typography. Each letter has three versions, celebrating uniqueness. The identity, built around “The Unexpected” typography, features refreshed colors and intricate illustrations, balancing joy and seriousness. We also revamped the digital ecosystem, uniting all projects on one national website and redesigning 39 community websites for coherent local communication.

We were looking for a partner agency to carry out a major project on our visual identity and the redesign of our websites. An agency that could understand who we are, join us in our shared life project with and without intellectual disabilities, respect our identity while leading us towards greater modernity... Choosing The Imagineers was easy; at L'Arche, it is above all a story of encounters and human relationships. But the story could have taken a bad turn if, in addition to their relational qualities, they did not also have creativity and unwavering commitment to their clients.

Anaïs de Montjoye

Communications Manager at L'Arche